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Rekeying is a cost effective way to secure your property. There are many situations wherein you would do well to go for rekeying. If you have moved in to a new house, you can rekey the existing locks in the house. Many people replace the locks, but if the locks are in good condition, no need to throw them away. Instead, rekey them. Rekeying also comes handy when you have lost your keys and feel a security threat. If you are looking for quality rekeying services in Sanibel, FL, Sanibel FL Lock Key Store is the best bet.

Sanibel FL Lock Key Store Sanibel, FL 239-243-0129What is rekeying?

Rekeying is a complex process that involves changing the internal configuration and the wafers in the locks and replacing them with a new combination. The method is best done by expert lock technicians. The old keys then no longer work with the new locks and new keys are required to open the rekeyed locks.

Advantages of rekeying locks:

Cost benefits:

Rekeying helps save a lot of money. It is far cheaper than replacing the locks in the property. Rekeying is all about just changing the internal configurations while replacing means installing new locks, which can be quite expensive. 

There are times when locksmith agencies ask property owners to replace their locks even though the locks are in good condition. They do this to make extra money. At Sanibel FL Lock Key Store, we are careful never to resort to such unethical means and dupe our clients. We follow strict business principles and would suggest replacement only if there is absolutely no possibility of rekeying or when our clients request us to change the locks.

Rekeying enhances your current locks

Rekeying enhances our security and also assures smooth functioning of your locking system. The locksmith would not only rekey the locks, but also lubricate them and fix minor flaws if any. All of these will ensure seamless operation and better security.

Rekey to master key system for better security

A crucial benefit of rekeying is that you can bolster your security further by rekeying to master key setup. This technique works well with property owners who are looking for improved access control. When you rekey to master key system, you can open all your locks with just one key. This offers a lot of convenience apart from better security. Also, you would not have to carry a huge bunch of keys. When you have rekeyed to a master key setup, you need to carry just one key for all the locks.

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